The United States January 6 Commission Panel Investigation

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January 6 Commission Panel Investigation. I watched the live event of the January 6 commission investigation. I was blown away by the amount of information presented and the individual that submitted the panel with a first-hand account of what took place.

I find it amazing that several individuals told Donald Trump repeatedly that he did not win the November election; he ignored them and went ahead with the Big Lie to the American people that the democratic party stole the election from him. Even more egregious were the many people in the Republican party who knew he was telling a lie and helped to perpetuate the lie.

It is hard to understand from an outside point of view if the supporter of Donald Trump cannot recognise that he is an individual that will trample all over democracy, and should he ever, God forbid, get back into the White House of the United States would most likely end up like Russia or North Korea.

Donald Trump is very toxic; he loves the likes of Putin and Kim Jong-un; they put themselves in a position where they do not have to relinquish power. To get that power, Trump was willing to destroy the fabric of America’s democracy for his gain.

The people in the United States must thank those who stand up for democracy at tremendous personal cost and thwart Trump and his followers from bringing down the biggest democratic country in the world.

It is essential that at the end of the January 6 commission, there will be criminal charges. I believe charges must be brought against anyone who participated in the Big Lie. It must be made clear to anyone who has designed to trample on democracy that they will not succeed.

What happened on January 6 as the world watched how one man and his selfish behaviour shows how fragile democracy can be. There are individuals doing prison sentences that participate in storming the very seat of the USA democracy. If the person who egged them on with his lie is not brought to justice, then they cannot be any justice in the world.

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