Do Not Be Surprise By Donald Trump’s Narcissistic Behaviour


Do Not Be Surprise By Donald Trump’s Narcissistic Behaviour. According to the media, New York’s attorney general has asked a state judge to issue an order of contempt against Donald Trump and find him $10000 per day until he turns over relevant documents regarding his company’s financial practices.

No one should be surprised at how Trump operates. He believes he is above the law and can do just about anything and get away with it. He lied about an election that he knew he lost, incited his supporters to attack the seat of America’s democracy, and is still walking around a free man.

Irrespective that he was a former President, the law of the land should be equal for anyone, and if you break the law, you must be held accountable, and if it means going to prison, then that is what one deserves.

There can be no doubt in reasonable people’s minds that Trump is a very selfish person who will throw anyone under the bus if it means that he can protect himself. He does not understand the word loyalty, which should scare his supporters. When someone cannot recognise wrong and right, you have a severe problem.

The USA’s founding fathers must have thought that there would be a Trump truss upon the American people, and thank the Lord they put in place a democratic process that he could not destroy despite Trump’s narcissism.

I hope that the New York Attorney General use every legal tool that she has to bring Donald Trump to justice because if there was ever an individual that needed to be bought to justice, it is Donald Trump, and that will restore our faith in the justice system that no one, not even an ex-President is above the law.

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