Why Are We Surprised About Putin’s Disgraceful Behaviour?

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Why Are We Surprised About Putin’s Disgraceful Behaviour? From the world’s creation, man has always tried to elevate themselves to God-like heights.

History seems to teach us nothing and what Valdimar Putin is doing to the Ukrainian people is the same thing that Adolf Hitler tried to do to the world, and we see how that turned out.

Valdimar Putin is a dictator who cannot govern people with integrity, dignity and respect. He is nothing more than a bully who believes that suppression and oppression are the only tools he can use to make himself feel better.

The one fundamental thing that Putin fails to recognise is that all bullies eventually be defeated, and he does not know the hour when death will knock at his door. The people will ultimately overcome all his God-like attitude to the Russian and Ukrainian people, and history will only remember him for the bully he is.

He is a liar, saying he would not invade Ukraine for months, and he did. There is no way that the rest of the world should talk with that demon.

God will never let his people suffer more than they can bear, and we know that Satan controls the likes of Putin and is using him to destroy God’s people. The end is near for Vladimir Putin, just like it did for Adolf Hitler and all the dictators throughout history.

I pray that God will give the people of Ukraine all the help they need to defeat the Devil and his army of demons. We hope the rest of the world will also ensure that Putin is held responsible for the numerous crimes against the Russian and Ukrainian people.


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