South Africa Iconic Desmond Tutu Passed Away Age Ninety

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South Africa Iconic Desmond Tutu Passed Away Age Ninety. Today, the passing of Nobel Prize winner Desmond Tutu has left the world in a mournful mood.

Desmond Tutu was an iconic figure; he was a man of God, a fervent believer in peace and one of South Africa most incredible men. Born In 1931, growing up in a country that practised apartheid, Desmond Tutu excelled in adversity and became Archbishop when a White minority ruled South Africa.

He never promoted violence to remove the minority ruler from South Africa. After the country elected Nelson Mandela as its first Black President, Desmond Tutu was appointed to lead the reconciliation enquiries. He often shed tears when he heard the testimony from people treated disgracefully by the apartheid rulers.

Like the other great icons of the world that leave this earth, Desmond Tutu will forever be remembered by everyone whose lives he touches and even those who knew him only by his reputation for the giants of integrity, dignity, and decency. The world will never forget, and history will remind those to come of the positive contributions during his lives on earth.

So on behalf of myself and my many readers, we share our sincere condolences with his family and know he will be kept alive because he is always in our hearts. R.I.P Sir

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