Americans Realise Donald Trump Is Dangerous To Democracy

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Americans Realise That Donald Trump Is Dangerous To Democracy. If the January 6 Commission is anything to go by, following the numerous testimonials from different people. Donald Trump has no compunction in taking democracy down so he would stay in power.

The United States prides itself on the peaceful transfer of power from one party to the next. When Donald Trump won the Presidency, there was a peaceful transfer of power; even though he has lied about President Obama repeatedly, the office of the Presidency was transferred to him without lies and innuendoes.

Joe Biden won the majority of votes from the American people, and Donald Trump could not stand the thought that not all Americans buy into the bullshit and lies he was trying to sell, and he would have to leave the White House. For months, he told the American people that he could only lose the election if it were fraudulent; this was before anyone cast their vote.

Having lost the election most dramatically, he then sought to destroy democracy by lying to his supporters and riling them up to storm the capital whilst the Congress was certifying the votes for Joe Biden. But democracy held that day, and even though he and his idiotic supporters tried, they failed democracy win.

From the evidence that the January 6 Commission collected so far, it does not take Einstien to see what Trump was trying to do. Suppose, at the end of the Commission hearings and the Georgia enquiries, and what is happening in New York, Donald Trump is not convicted for all his numerous crimes. In that case, that will be a tremendous blow to democracy and the subsequent Republicans that get into the White House will ensure that the United States become a one-party system and North Korea and Russia would have destroyed the United States without lifting a finger because they have Republicans to do it for them.

To underestimate the danger that Trump poses to democracy is to bury one head in the sand. Every other President recognised the threat of domestic terrorism, and Donald Trump embraced the likes of the Proud Boys and made them believe that they could do just about anything and he would not stand in their way.

Listening to the vile phone call that Adam Kinzinger was subjected to was a disgrace. Trump idiots were threatening his family, wife, and child. This man fought for his country, and because he did not believe inTrump’sp lies about the election, he and Liz Cheney were subject to the most disgusting abuse there was.

I hope that following the January 6 Commission hearing; more people will understand how close they came to losing their democracy and ensure that another Republican does not ever enter the White House again, specifically Donald Trump.


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