The Panel Report From Uvalde School Shooting

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The Panel Report From Uvalde School Shooting. The report from the Uvalde school shooting, where 19 Children and two teachers were murdered by an 18-year-old using an assault rifle, will not stop more American children from dying from people who can get their hands on guns.

Listening to those individuals outline the gist of the report and the blame attached to the police services’ poorly maintenance in the school left a bitter taste in my mouth.

In my opinion, every time that American children die from school shootings. A place where they should be safe, we have these so-called reports that blame everyone except the people who believe that the second amendment is holy and no matter how many children die, they are not prepared to take weapons out of the hands of these nutters.

Many people will likely read that report and blame the police officers on the scene that day. These officers did not act quickly; they were trained to face these circumstances. They could have killed the shooter before he murdered many children and their teachers. The blame will go on and on, but I doubt anyone will blame the fact that guns are too easy to get into the hands of people with severe social issues.

Why would anyone want to own an assault rifle? In my opinion, when the founding father established the constitution, especially the second amendment, they did not do so to allow so many school children to die.

Nothing will change, and many more children will die until the United States lawmaker takes steps to remove certain guns from the hands of unhinged people and put the lives of school children first instead of this archaic attitude about bearing arms.

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