Greenwood Mall Shooting Gunman Kill Two

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Greenwood Park Mall Shooting Gunman Kill Three. According to various media outlets, the United States is again reeling from another mass shooting.

A twenty -year-old-man who, according to the media, prepared an hour in a bathroom for the shooting then emerged with a rifle and started shooting. He murdered two people and wounded two before an armed bystander fatally shot the gunman.

The United States of America is becoming so much so that people are afraid to even go to their corner shops. To think that people leave their homes to visit a shopping mall and do not return to their families because a twenty-two-year-old with a legally purchased gun decided to murder innocent people.

It would not be intelligent to think that there are any relatively safe places in the world. However, it would appear that more people die in the United States from gun-related incidents than in any other country.

According to the Wikipedia list of the mass shooting in the USA in 2022  (see chart below), there were over 337 people who lost their lives and 1395 wounded. We have just entered the month of July, and the carnage of mass shootings is happening again.

When will the people of this country say enough is enough, or are they prepared to lose family members, their children, wives, and husband to this insane 2nd amendment crap.

From an outside point of view, it appears that the inhabitants of the United States of America is sleeping, and the reality of gun crimes is not entering their hearts or mind, and they seem to want to live with these appalling gun crimes.


Month Mass Shootings The total number dead (Including the shooter) The total number wounded (including the shooter Occurred at School or University Occurred at a place of worship
January 41 59 128 0 0
February 43 40 174 1 1
March 52 47 217 0 0
April 66 75 271 1 0
May 67 87 324 1 1
June 68 80 281 0 0




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