Ex Police Officer Found Guilty For George Floyd Death

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Ex-Police Officer Found Guilty For George Floyd Death. The world watched in awe as the Judge in the George Floyd murder trial read out the verdict as given by the Jury.

Derek Chauvin, a nineteen-year police veteran, was convicted on all three counts for the death of George Floyd. Count one guilty could send Chavin to prison for forty-five years, count two, carries twenty-five years and count three ten years.

As the judge read the verdict and poll the jury, Derek Chauvin sat in the courtroom without any expression on his face. It was hard for anyone to see or understand what was going through his mind when he heard the verdict. In my opinion, he had the same I do not care attitude on his face that was evident the day he placed his knee on George Floyd neck until he died.

Now that the trial is over and Chauvin is convicted, America must wonder whether this conviction sets a precedence that will operate in the broken police system in the country. The world and America watched as the ‘blue wall’ crumbled as police officers, including the Chief of Minnesota police department, testified that what Derek Chauvin did to George Floyd was not the policy of the department or his police training.

The amazing part of the verdict and its aftermath is hearing the prosecution asking the judge to revoke Chauvin bail and watched as police placed handcuffs on his hands as he leaves the courtroom.

Even though the world saw the video of Chauvin murdering George Floyd, we still held our breath because so many times, a police officer is charged with crimes against black people, and it either never goes to court, and if it did, they are found not guilty.

This is a moment in history for the American people when they recognise that the march in May of 2020 was not in vain. The verdict says to the world that you were right to protest because what happened to George Floyd on 38 and Chicago should never have happened if Chauvin had any humanity in him.

In my opinion, I cannot understand how anyone could be so cold. Despite all the people around watching George Floyd being murdered by Chauvin and pleading with him just to let him up, turn him on his side, let him breathe, he ignores every one of those people.

Derek Chauvin will soon realise what it is like when you have no humanity, empathy, or kindness, which are the backbone of what policing should be all about. They are called peace officers because they should treat the community with fairness, dignity and empathy.

It is hope today’s verdict against Derek Chauvin will begin a step towards fair policing in the entire United States. No one will forget Rodney King. His encounter was also captured by video, but all those police officers were found not guilty, and that allows a lot of police officers to think they are about the law.

The American people should be under no illusion that the verdict against Chauvin will change the systematic racism in many police forces in the United States of America. It should be a platform to build on effective policy and get the George Floyd bill pass in the Senate, and we may begin to stop Black and Brown people from being killed by a police officer.

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