Why Do Americans Believe The Lies Politicians Tell Them

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Why Do Americans Believe The Lies Politicians Tell Them? The vast majority of the world’s nation look at the United States of America as not only the biggest democracy on earth but for guidance.

I believe that so many people worldwide are questioning democratic values and sustainability because of what happened in America on 6 January 2021. The insurrection that took place on that day and date was inspired by the biggest lie that has ever been told by a politician.

Donald Trump recognises the nation’s fragility and the systemic racist and bigoted views that some Americans held. He uses it to cause a divide in the United States that most people in this generation have never seen before. He knew that if he could turn families against each other because of the big lie, then he could use the lies to further his agenda.

But the biggest disappointment that we feel is the fact that the high ranking people in the Republican party or the GOP as they are called not only perpetuate the lies but are spreading these lies, which is tearing the country apart, and it seems that they no longer believe in democracy and are leaning more to autocracy because that is what Trump wants.

Voting should be the right of every eligible American. Still, because of Donald Trump’s big lie that he won the November 2020 election by a landslide, which is ridiculous, millions of Americans believe the big lie. Although there is not one shred of evidence to back Trump’s lies, states are changing and making it more difficult for Americans to cast their ballot.

Most Americans who believe in the big lie do not ask themselves who benefits from this lie and why certain news media would help perpetuate this lie. It is easy to understand why Trump, some Republicans and media personnel continue to back the big lie. It is because of the financial gains attached to continuing to lie about winning the 2020 election.

Millions of Americans must understand that their democracy is under threat, and if they are not careful, the country will become an autocratic rule nation. Trump-aligned himself with Putin and Kim John-un, autocratic leaders that he envies, which was the reason for the incitement of the January 6 insurrection. Americans must realise that Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by over seven million votes and that the election was fair.

A house that divided itself must fall, and I am very concerned with how the United States of American is going. If the country cannot unite its people and prevent these conspiracy theories from taking a grip within the establishment, what chance there is for the rest of the world?

Americans must recognise that Donald Trump was an anomaly. But he learned how to use the biggest pulpit he had to divide the nation, instil fear and profit off unsuspecting Americans. They must understand that he cares only for himself and will quite willingly push anyone under the bus to save himself. The sooner that the nation recognises, people will begin to have confidence in the USA.

The Democrats also have a role to play; they must, under every circumstance, roll back the archaic voting laws that are passed by the various states, hold Donald Trump accountable for the vile actions he perpetrates on the American people and, in particular, the number of people who died in the pandemic on his watch all because of the lies that seem to continuously comes out of that man’s mouth.

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