The Taliban Take Over Of Afghanistan Why The Surprise

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The Taliban Take Over Of Afghanistan Why The Surprise. I am amazed that everyone is so surprised that the Taliban were quick to take over the country.


The Americans and other countries have been in Afghanistan for two decades, and during that time, they have never been able to get rid of the Taliban completely. Whilst the international community, including NATO, were spending their time trying the establish democracy in Afghanistan, the Taliban were in hiding, planning and preparing for the day when those countries, especially the United States, would withdraw from Afghanistan.

Underestimating the will and fortitude of the Taliban was a big mistake. The Taliban knew that there was no way that the United States and their alliance was going to be in Afghanistan for a lifetime, so they bided their time, and their patience was the reward in the quick take over of the country once the United States and her allies began to withdraw.

It does not say much for democracy that after more than twenty years in the country, the Allies could not have established a strong Army, Navy, Air Force that would repel any take over the Taliban initiated. The Prime Minister fled, the government when into disarray and victory for the Taliban was swift.

Afghanistan should have been a beacon of what democracy is all about. A shining example of how we can establish lasting democratic values in a country. Instead, we now have people fleeing the country in their thousand, afraid that women will have no rights again, and draconian behaviour will flourish. The possibility of terrorism will again raise its ugly head, and the bombings and murdering of innocent people will become all too familiar.

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