Six Asian American Women Murdered By Twenty One Year Old.

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Six Asian American Women Murdered By Twenty One Year Old. There is outrage in the United States of America regarding the killing of eight people, of whom six are Asian American women.

Media reports stated that a twenty-one-year-old White male when on a shooting spree in three different spas in Atlanta, Georgia, which left eight people dead. The police took the shooter into custody following information from his relatives. The authority stopped him on his way to Florida, and it was alleged he was going to carry out the same atrocities at spas.

The problem that many people and I have with this incident is the police narrative on this shooter. One officer stated that this shooter who took eight people’s lives had a bad day and committed a crime. The officer also stated that while questioning the killer, he admitted he committed the murder and stated he had a sex addiction problem that caused him to murder innocent Americans.

There is an outrage because many people, especially the Asian community, believe the murders where racial and that he targets the Asian community. Asian Americans have been targetted in several US states because of the coronavirus pandemic and the fact that politicians insisted on calling COVID 19 “the China Virus”.

Throughout American history, when a White person commits a hate crime, the authority always seems to find some justification as to why they commit the crimes. They are never called terrorist or racist. It is always that they have some mental problem or family trauma. However, when any other race commits a criminal act, especially Black or Muslims, they are label murderer, terrorist, have a string of long criminal record and the list goes on.

When White Americans and other minorities commit a heinous crime, the bias is a vast chasm between them. White Americans are treated with compassion and humanity. Minorities are treated inhumane and given the worse labels that the establishment can find therein lie the problem. The right-wing of American politics and some media outlet is promoting this bigotry.

At the moment, the killing of these eight people, six of which is Asian American, is not treated as a hate crime because the perpetrator told police that he is not a racist; he have a sexual problem, and the police believe him. The authority would never give that compassion to any other minority group.

These crimes that White people undertake is not new; there have been many incidents where White people use guns to commit atrocities against whether it is minorities, school or college students. It is diabolical that these killers are not called out for what and who they are.

In my opinion, the murder of these six Asian American is racial, and he murdered them because he believes that they are responsible for bringing the coronavirus to America. The police can dress up the murder of these Asian women by suggesting the killer has a sex addiction problem, but the Asian community knew exactly what this crime is; it is racism at it’s worse.

Americans will never move on or fix racism until they recognise the race problem and how some White people see black and other minority groups. White supremacy flourishes because they fear other races, so they hype their base and indoctrinate young minds with lies and misinformation about an immigrant.

It is important that the educational institution in the US needs to start teaching their student from a young age about immigrants’ contribution to American society, teach them the truth about slavery and the vast contribution of immigrants to the American culture and systems.

There is a severe domestic threat to immigrants in America because of lies that have been perpetrated by the previous President Donald Trump, the lie that he won the election when he knew that was not true and the constant calling the coronavirus the “the China flu”.

Racism, bigotry and inequality were bad in the US, but under Donald Trump four years in the White House, it became more toxic. He tenuously gave White Supremacy a voice at the highest part of the political system. Because of his lies and support for the bigotry group, the world witnesses the January 6 insurrection on the US Congress.

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