UK People Outrage At The Metropolitan Police Heavy Handiness

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UK People Outrage At The Metropolitan Police Heavy Handiness. According to the media, the kidnapped and murder of Sarah Everard infuriate the British public.

Apparently, 33-year-old Sarah Everard from London was kidnapped and murdered and her body found in Kent. An active police officer was arrested in Deal and charged with the kidnapped and murder.

The British people were outrage that a young woman on her way home could be kidnapped from London’s streets and was subsequently murder. So although there are restrictions in the country due to the coronavirus, many people when to Clapham Common to pay their respect to Sarah Everard losing her life.

There is an understanding that in a pandemic and the current restrictions should have prevented that gathering. However, the Metropolitan police’s behaviour in trying to disperse the crowd was deplorable, and for the first time, the electors had televised pictures of the police’s heavy handiness.

The vast majority of the ethnic minorities in the UK or not surprised at the British police attitude. It is amazing to hear the various quotes from politicians; the Home Secretary called the horrific scene upsetting and requested a full report. Other politicians were quick to condemn the police’s actions, and there is even a call for the Police Commissioner to resign.

According to the Metropolitan Police, the vigil’s crackdown was necessary because of the COVID 19 restriction. Many people packed together could cause a further outbreak of coronavirus, and it was important to break up the group.

The vast majority of police officer need to have sensitivity training. They should have dispersed the crowd without millions of people across the country watched as police officer maltreated the mourning female members. Given that these people were at the Clapham Common Bandstand mourning the death of a young woman.

Any organisation must be aware of its conduct in the public domain. We live in an age of technologies, and most people carry a mobile telephone with a camera and recording capabilities, so incident are shown in real-time.

The British police already have a bad reputation, especially among minority communities. The majority believe that they cried wolf, and the police can not be that insensitive or racist to non-White people. The majority of British people had a front seat at the Metropolitan police’s ghastly behaviour, and the country is suddenly in an uproar.

Minority groups that have had to endure the racist and inhumane behaviour of the police are not rejoycing the incidents at what happened on Clapham Common, given that it was paying respect to the death of a 33-year-old. But they are pleased that the majority got a glimpse into the behaviour of the people who is suppose to protect and serve.

In my opinion, Politicians and the Police Commissioner must look hard at what can be done within the organisation to protect and serve the country’s citizen without brute force, racism, or ignorance.


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