Pin fraud warning to card users

Card users have been warned to keep their Pin secure

Card users have been warned to keep their Pin secure

One in 10 people are putting themselves at risk of credit or debit card fraud by writing down their Pin or sharing it with someone, a survey has shown.

Consumer group Which? said an estimated four million debit card holders and three million credit and charge card holders were putting themselves at an increased risk of having their account emptied by criminals through disclosing their Pin.

Most worryingly, a third of people who admitted they had written down their Pin said they kept it in their wallet or handbag.

A further 36% had it written down somewhere at home, while 9% had made a note of it in their office.

The research found that 86% of people thought they would have any money they lost refunded if they were the victim of credit or debit card crime.

But while banks and card providers will not automatically refuse to make a payout if a card is stolen and the Pin is used, they may not pay compensation if they can prove that the holder had not kept details of their Pin secure.

Martyn Saville, Which? credit card expert, said: “The results show that too many consumers are putting their finances in jeopardy by not taking simple precautions.

“Writing down your Pin is like leaving your door open when you leave the house.”

The UK Cards Association advises people never to write down their Pin and keep it with their card, as this leaves them vulnerable to having their account emptied if their wallet or handbag is stolen.

It adds that there is no reason why anyone should have a Pin that they cannot remember, as it can be changed to something more memorable at most cash machines.

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