N-Dubz rapper Dappy’s regret over ‘mistake’ with mephedrone

N-Dubz rapper Dappy spoke of his regret after he was caught taking the drug mephedrone.

The 22-year-old chart star said he had “learned his mistake” after The Sun obtained film of him snorting lines of the former “legal high” following a gig.


Speaking out: Dappy [right]

The newspaper reported that the footage was shot last month in the back office of a nightclub, three weeks before ministers banned the substance.

The rapper, appearing on GMTV along with bandmates Tulisa and Fazer, said he had felt “unwell” after taking the drug and he would “never do such things again”.


In the hotseat: N-Dubz on the famous red sofa

“I just want to say that I am more than glad, genuinely, that they have banned this thing because I have seen how many people are dying of it and what not and it is just not a thing to be doing,” he said.  “I have learned my mistake and I will never do such things again.”

The star, whose real name is Costas Dinos Contostavlos, said: “It was a night out, it was just a bit tipsy and it … just fell into the wrong place at the wrong time. “I don’t think I will ever touch any silly stuff again.”  Bandmate and cousin Tulisa said: “I don’t condone drugs. I have never touched them and never will.”

Speaking on GMTV, Dappy spoke of the “negative” background of the band’s childhood in Camden Town, north London.  “I just think that people are quick to try and catch us and set us up and do silly things to us and catch us on camera,” he said.  Tulisa added that it was not “all glossy” behind closed doors in the music industry.

She said: “How many people in this industry make out that it is all glossy behind closed doors?  “It isn’t. Let me tell you, it is no secret, that drugs are a very serious issue in the music industry and a lot more people than you know do it.  “When it becomes such a normal thing behind closed doors, it is easy to get tempted and get sucked in.”

Dappy was filmed taking mephedrone in an Essex club in the early hours of the morning after performing at a nearby venue, The Sun reported.

In January, Schools Secretary Ed Balls condemned him for sending threatening messages to a young mother just weeks after fronting a national anti-bullying campaign.

The rapper, who apologised for his actions, had sent abusive comments – including one which said “your gonna die” – to a Radio 1 listener after she called him “vile” in a text to the station.

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