Family Values – Why have they deteriorated

I have recently come across an article featured in the media, where a New York woman is suing her nephew.

Apparently, four years ago while she was attending her nephew’s birthday party, he leaps into her arms and she sustained a broken wrist. She is now asking the courts to award her $127, 000 in More >

James Spader – A Formidable an Amazing Actor

James Spader was born on the 7 February 1960 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

It is rather difficult for me to give praise and accolade to anyone, much less an actor, and that is exactly what I find myself doing where James Spader is a concern.  It is unbelievable how an individual could More >

David Cameron – Tackle Extremism

Rich, coming from him, you cannot tackle extremism by words and so-called shutting down extremist schools.  If one uses such approach, then all that, one does is to push the activities of extremist underground where they cannot be monitored.

The extremist is already telling their young, More >

Dead Woman – Business as usual

What has happened to the human race, have we become so self absorb that we can no longer become our brother’s keeper.

The news reported in the media that a woman was found dead in 24 hour McDonald’s in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, and that diners were unaware that this homeless woman was dead and they More >

PPI Nuisance calls getting on my nerves

I know that we live in a world where technology is a way of life and there is nothing one can do about that.

However, I am fed up to the back teeth of these people who are trying to fleece you out of whatever PPI compensation one may entitle to, with their persistence call to both your home and More >

Cyclists have the same responsibility for their safety

It was reported today that a cyclist and a motorcyclist was injured in a rush hour collision, this morning in South London.

As a motorist I happen to be driving on the roads on numerous occasion and the manner in which cyclist ride and the risk that some of them take is unnecessary and in time put More >

The Lost Generation – Children today

I am rather amazed as to why a whole generation of children is absolutely lost, what reasons can society attribute to this.

Somehow I am of the opinion that parents, schools, church and the whole gamut of society as created an environment which as allowed an entire generation of the individuals More >

Honour System will be seen as Farcical

According to the Evening Standard David Cameron is accused of misusing the honour system in order to reward individuals that have left his government.

This news report should really not be alarming to any member of the general public, we are well aware of the manner in which the ‘old boy school’ More >

Rolf Harris Found Guilty – Took long enough

As Rolf Harris awaits to be sentenced after being found guilty on 12 count for his criminal activities that he has perpetrated on young girls and women over a number of years, what can we learn from this.

It now begs the question why would someone like that who was such a prominent figure in the More >

Facebook Emotion Manipulation Study – How Naive are we

According to recent media reports Facebook is being criticized for using the user information for emotion manipulation study.

This has caused an outrage among its users and they have indeed made various comments to that effect.  However, how naive are we to believe that the information that we More >

How can you hold the dead accountable

How can one possible hold the dead accountable for actions they may have undertaken during their life.  This is a question that I would like someone to explain to me.

According to the media Jimmy Saville, now dead, committed throughout is life a number of  criminal activities that were More >

The Air We Breathe in London, Can Kill Us

Following media reports that MP’s are to investigate the ‘air quality’ in London, or as it is aptly named ‘the invisible killer’. One has to wonder what is really new about this problem.

There is no doubt, from reading the information that is out there, that the pollution and the air quality in and More >

Pistorius, Accident or Murder

As reported in the media the Prosecutor in the Pistorius murder trial picked apart piece by piece the evidence that he laid before the court.

It is never a good thing for anyone to judge another person’s guilt or innocence, especially in a case where one was not present and we are relying on More >

Nelson Mandela Prince amongst mere mortal

As we mourn the lost of this great man, we however take the time to celebrate his life and the legacy that he has left behind him. How can we ever forget the day he walked out of his prison cell after spending 27 years of his life locked away from the world.  Yet even in confinement this great man More >

The Human Race never fails to amaze me

Human beings are made up of two kinds those who are genuinely decent and those that have allowed their greed to overtake them completely. One would believe that being a human being that is supposed to have a conscience, know the difference between right and wrong would set us far apart from other More >
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