Man killed for chasing naked teen

The Portmore police are investigating an incident in which a man who was seen chasing a naked 14-year-old boy with a knife, was killed by a mob on Sunday.

The deceased man, who is still unidentified, was killed by residents in Greater Portmore, after he was allegedly seen chasing a boy who was screaming that he was being raped.

An officer at the St Catherine South Division confirmed the incident, which occurred in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Police said about 2:24 a.m., residents heard screams of rape on East Border Avenue and went to investigate. During their probe, it was reported that the residents saw a man with a long knife chasing a naked boy who was screaming.

Taking matters into their own hands,reportedly, the citizens accused the man of molesting the teen and attacked him. The man was killed by the residents who insisted that he was gay.


Since the killing, rumours have circulated that the boy was abducted by the man. There is also talk that the boy fell asleep on a bus during his journey to Portmore on Saturday night and missed his stop.

The man, who was also on the bus, decided to assist the youngster home but instead was alleged to have abducted and molested him.

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