Let us declare peace

By Jean Lowrie-Chin

MARK DEFREITAS... fine tributes for this bright young man.

In the midst of our anguish, the good people of this country continue to soldier on. Yes, many of us are “walking wounded”, deeply affected by the cruel way our friends and relatives have been snatched from us. Yet good nurses keep nursing, good teachers keep teaching, and decent policemen take the heat for their honesty from corrupt “squaddies”.

If it matters to our leaders on both sides, they should know that we know how deftly they built those communities where our fellow Jamaicans may not walk or talk freely. We know and we feel very sorry for anyone who could believe that their fleeting power could be more important than the lives of their Jamaican brothers and sisters. They are now naked on the internet, naked on YouTube and people know that it is not a coincidence of criminality that has brought our beloved Jamaica to her knees. It is a cynical plan to hold on to power, passing from one party to the other every now and then, complicit in each other’s cold confidence: “Today for you, tomorrow for me”.

Yes, we know there are good politicians on both sides and we are now begging them to stand up and be counted as the ones who declared “No more!” and who will take Jamaica on the path of righteousness that she so dearly longs for.

But let the world know that good Jamaicans have been brought to our knees – not to cower before thugs, but to pray to the awesome God who sees all and sees far. What hapless souls are those, that no longer fear God. In another place, I have written:

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