FEAR – residents say gunmen now butchering their victims

FIVE gruesome murders over two days have heightened fear among residents in some Spanish Town communities that gunmen are opting to butcher their victims in what the residents believe is a new trend of brutality emerging from the criminal underworld.

The residents shared this view with the Observer at the weekend after bus conductor Annil Hassock was stabbed and his throat slashed on March Pen Road last Friday.

The day before, while the community of Back Land, Jones Avenue slept, seven gunmen sneaked into the area where they dragged David ‘Tete’ Williams, 37, and his common-law wife Sandra Wint, 45 from their house into nearby bushes, stabbed them and slashed their throats.

Afterwards, the gunmen abducted Clayton Simpson, 29, and Garnet Greg, 45, and pulled them into in the bushes where they were also stabbed and their throats slashed.

Police yesterday said they believed the two incidents could be linked.

“A something new the man them a start; them nah shoot and kill again, them just a come take away the people them, stab them up and slash them throat,” a family member of one of the victims in Jones Avenue told the Observer.

His view was supported by other persons in the community.

“Them never want nobody hear them, and if them did use the gun it would make too much noise,” said another man who was too afraid to give his name.

Other residents on March Pen Road shared similar sentiments, explaining that they were living in fear of being butchered.

Superintendent Assan Thompson, head of the St Catherine North Police Division, said the murders shared a similar, worrying pattern.

“The reports of the gruesome murders are cause for concern,” Thompson said, even while admitting that he was not able to make a determination that the criminals were turning to knives.

Police also said they have held two suspects for questioning in connection with the four murders on Jones Avenue.

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