My Gripe – Consensus? Not just for Ordinary Jamaicans.

By Sandrea.

AN appropriate cartoon for MY GRIPE TODAY

I happen to read an article  in which the  the Prime Minister of Jamaica  is calling for “consensus on right and wrong” .  I cannot help but to wonder if those words meant anything to him at all.

How can he call on the nations to differentiate what is right or wrong when  he’s his not doing anything to right the biggest wrong that is currently driving a wedge between the US and Jamaica.

Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke extradition to the US,  is one of the major problems that is currently facing the country.  If the PM want Jamaicans to practice  what is right or wrong then the government better start leading that fight.  The appearance that there is a double standard  between government  and the people cannot be good for the moral of the nation.   If Mr Coke has commit crimes in the US why is the government and the courts taking so long to extradite him?  Why is the government not demonstrating that they know the difference between right and wrong.

It seems that PM is asking the ordinary Jamaicans to step up to the plate and do things that they themselves are unwilling to do.

A nation grows progressively when it leaders are effective.  Ineffective leadership breeds contempt, and I am afraid, in my personal opinion that this is the major problem with Jamaica at the present.

The moral dilemmas, is that Jamaicans do not trust their leaders, or their government and if we are to get back to that, then it will first begin at the highest level of the government.   You need to heal the nation from the top down, he’s asking the nation to heal from the bottom up and that does not work

I would implore the PM to begin to demonstrate to the people of Jamaica what is truly means to know the difference between right and wrong and  speedily remove the barrier that is causing Jamaicans home and abroad the biggest headache.

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