It is my body – let me do what I want with it

By Sandrea

I am rather peeved (furious) at the moment with the so-called do-gooders on our planet.

The abortion debate going on around the world is making me furious.

I do believe that the fundamental right of a human being is the ability to make decisions that affect their lives.  I do not mean that we have the right to go out and murder anyone, steal their property, assault them are any of the things that dehumanised us.

However, when it comes to abortion I get really frustated when these so-called anti-abortionist want to tell me what to do with my body.  If I was to find my self in the unlikely position of been pregnant and do not believe that I am capable of caring for that child in the manner that s/he should be reared, then I should have the ability to terminated the pregnancy in  a safe manner.

I hope that all these people who are calling for abortion to be abolish are the ones who are willing to adopt the million of children in the world that have no parents.  Children that are wondering the streets of many countries, those that are been kidnapped, sold into slavery, raped, torture and the list goes on.  Abortion, albeit  something that a great number of people find revolting, is a procedure that we cannot allow anyone to abolish.

When we can ensure the safety of the world’s unwanted children, when we can ensure that no child goes to his or her bed hungry, when we can ensure that every child that is born into our world is a child that is wanted, then pro-lifers should put up or shut up.  It is so easy for people who are isolated from situations to make a stance.

I would love to know how much of those anti-abortionist, have bother to donate to the various charties around the globe that are working very hard to protect the children that are already here.

Anti-abortionist should use the energy that they seem to have to find ways to care for the million of unwanted children that we already have suffering, and leave the rest of us to decide what we do with our bodies.  – IT IS OUR BODY , NOT YOURS  – back off.

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