I am not swallowing forgiveness pill

MY GRIPE – By Sandrea

Thank the lord that the Jamaican Prime Minister has finally come to his senses and have stated that the extradition order for Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke will be signed by Justice Minister Dorothy Lightbourne.

Jamaicans should be breathing s sign of relieve that this unfortunate episode is almost at an end.  The chaos that this situation has caused should have never happen.

Bruce Golding has finally come to his senses, but this should have been his first port of call.  He should not have waited until his reputation, integrity and credibility were damaged.

Although I am happy to see him make the decision, I can’t help but to wonder, that the reasons that he his doing this, is in his own interest because this sordid affair almost cost him his political career.

Bruce Golding has stated in an article in the Jamaica Observer paper, and I quote ;- “In hindsight the party should have never got involved in the way it did, “I must accept responsibility for it and the way it was handled and I must express my remorse. I ask for your forgiveness.”

Well, Bruce it is very hard for me to forgive you.  Yes we are human beings and we are susceptible to making mistakes however, I am quite sure that a man of such intellect would surely know that the decisions to get personally involved, would be detriment to his career, we are not talking about a choir boy.  If popular news is to be believe, Christoper ‘Dudus’ Coke, is involved in drugs and gun crimes, which stretch outside the boundaries of Jamaica, hence the US want him.

I am sure that the PM was well aware of Mr Coke reputation and what he has been accused of. For that reason I cannot forgive him because he knew exactly what he was doing when he got himself  involved.

It is laudable that the PM was willing to support one of his constituent, but in future he should stick to supporting the hard working people of his constituency and not, individuals associated with international crimes.

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