Are we running donkey – Going nowhere

I am fed up with the news, fed up with the world, fed up with politics, fed up with just about most things at the moment.

Like the running donkey, right, we seems to be running out of steam when it comes tackling the woes of this world.  There are too many young children been murdered by either their natural parents or some stupid boyfriend that their parents get involved with.

There are too many teenagers been murdered with guns.  The big question is where are these guns coming from?  How are they getting in the hands of these reckless youngsters.  Then again if they are not shooting each other they resort to using knives to  commit their crimes.

I am fed up of senior citizen been beaten, disrespected, molested and the list goes on.

I am fed up with the level of child prostitution, fed with young people not using their heads instead of their bodies.  The moral fibre of our society has deterioated so much so that there does’nt seem to be much pride left among the next generation.

I am cheese-off with woman who are in bad relationships and are staying put because they say “I love him”.   Do they not know what love is about.  How can any woman allow herself to be used and abused by men is behond me, I just cannot comprehend.  The first time a man disrespect you is your cue to put your foot down and let him know in no uncertain terms that you are not going to put up with that garbage.  Instead, all I see is these woman around me in bad relationship hanging on because they are under the  illusion that they can change the man, ha, ha.

Let me gripe now about the church.  This is where one is suppose to feel safe, but all you read about is the abused of  children that is constantly going on.  How can anyone encourage another to turn to God, if the people who are suppose to lead the way in religion is themselves accountable for some of the disgusting behaviour that as been reported recently.

I think it is time that we stop running  get a grip of ourselves and begin to seriously address the breakdown in society.  Breakdown that has seen an explosion in one-parent families, breakdown that has seen young people turning to prostitution instead of education, breakdown that has seen young people committing atrocious crimes against each other.  We, that means policy makers as well,  have to stop pussy-footing around and do something.

This is my gripe for today, what about yours.

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