Fattest people in UK by 2025

According to the media a research has been published which suggest that by 2025 the British will have the fattest people in Europe.

I cannot understand why this comes as a surprise to anyone.  Thirty years ago the majority of parents would prepare meals for their families and fast food would be a More >

The human race are we a disappointment

I find it extraordinary that we are more concerned with the fact that there is an allegation in the media that the UK spied on members of the G7 summit during the 2009 meeting that was held in London. Of course, there should be no surprise there as I would imagine that clandestine and covert More >

The Reasons Abortion is such an Emotive Subject

They  condemned abortion as a despicable act and the fact that some believe that life begin with conception therefore, any termination of a pregnancy is murder. This position is understandable and if one reads the horror at the current criminal case against  Dr Kermit Gosnell, an abortion doctor, More >

Dogs they have been known to be man’s best friend

For centuries dogs has been labelled as man’s best friend and they could be, proving that they really are. According to an Austria pilot project which was published on Wednesday, dogs are adept at sniffing out lung cancer.  It would appear that these canine friends have no problem in identifying More >

Do Human need Genetically Modified Food

The  media article that salmon that have been genetically modified to grow twice as fast as normal may soon end up on our dinner plate, it begs the question do human being really need genetically modified food. According to the report despite the US Food and Drug Administration concluded in a 2010 More >

Is Julian Assange suffering from a lung problem

According to media report Julian Assange is suffering from lung problems. The WikiLeaks founder was given asylum by Ecuador on the 16 August 2012, and has been in their embassy since July, after losing his high court bid to stop extradition to Sweden to face assault charges.

Mr Assange believes More >

Are some soft drinks more detrimental to human bodies

According to a media report there is an upcoming study to be published in the edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that will allege that men who consume one normal sized soft drink per pay are at greater risk of getting a more aggressive form of prostate cancer. There is no doubt, More >

Withholding medical abortion a tragic mistake

As over 10,000 people marched in Dublin to protest the death of a 31 year old female, I ask myself the question was it necessary for this young woman to lose her life. The woman, according to media report was hospitalized because she was having a miscarriage, doctors refuse to remove the fetus More >

Research suggests Vitamins don’t lower heart risks in men

Multivitamins might help lower the risk of cancer in healthy older men but do not affect their chances of developing heart disease, new research suggests. Two other studies found fish oil didn’t work for an irregular heartbeat condition called atrial fibrillation, even though it is thought to help More >

Five Exotic Fruits to Consume during the Winter

As most of us are aware that the flu season normally starts in October and usually ends around May.  However, it is alleged that December, January and Feburary are typically the worst months for flu. Whilst in most cases there is not much that we can do about catching the flu, there are ways in More >

Embryos created with one man and two women

Scientists in the US have created embryos with genes from one man and two women, using a provocative technique that someday could be used to prevent babies from inheriting certain rare incurable diseases. The researchers at Oregon Health & Sciences University said they are not using the embryos to More >

US FDA probes five deaths for possible energy drink links

THE US Food and Drug Administration is investigating five deaths and a heart attack for possible links to consumption of Monster Energy drinks, an agency spokeswoman said. “I can verify that FDA has received five adverse event reports of death and one of heart attack possibly associated with More >

Hot flushes the good news on menopause

Contrary to popular perception, menopause does not cause weight gain, although it does increase fat around the waist, new research has found. Scientists working for the International Menopause Society carried out a review of the evidence, looking at published studies into the impact of menopause More >

CDC US meningitis death toll has risen to 23

THE death toll in the United States from an unprecedented outbreak of fungal meningitis linked to a contaminated drug has risen to 23 people. The number of infections tied to the tainted steroid has risen to 284 in 16 states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports on its More >

Ireland’s first abortion clinic opens amid protest

The first abortion clinic on the island of Ireland has opened in Belfast, sparking protests by conservatives from both the Catholic and Protestant sides of Northern Ireland. The Marie Stopes family planning centre will offer the abortion pill to women who are less than nine weeks pregnant – but More >
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