International Women day

By Sandrea:-My OPINION

On this International women day there are a few women that I would like to pay tribute to, and I do so because of the era in which these women exist and the fact that defy every prejudice to make remarkable achievements.

Although they are no longer with us they have paved the way for women to continue to achieve their full potential despite overwhelming odds and we will continue to progress, because like the genie we have emerge from the bottle and there is no way that we will be put back.

My respect and gratitude goes out to the women listed below and I am sure that their spirits are still among us and they must be proud to note that we have emerge from being tied to the kitchen and have taken over board-room successfully running international companies and regardless of the fact that a few ancient men who cannot appreciate the fact that we can equally achieve the same as they do and that we are not here to disrespect men but to work alongside them, they should continue to treat us as their equal and the world will eventually become a better place.

  • Marion Anderson (1902 – 1995) First African American to sing leading role with the Metropolitan opera.


  • Josephine Baker (1906 – 1975) African American international star, civil rights activist and World War 2 heroine.


  • Clara Barton (1821 – 1912)  Civil war nurse , founder of the American ‘Red Cross’


  • Alice Paul (1884 – 1977 She rescued the women suffrage movement (1910) and made sure that women got the vote

There are many women who most probable would not know about these exceptional female but in my opinion these women are the reasons why women today are so independent, they  are the trend setter and on this day we have to remember them and know that the sacrifices that they have made was well worth it.

Alice Paul is in my view the women who have made the biggest sacrifice she ensure that women got the opportunity to have their say by exercising our right to vote, the ability to choose government even if they failed us when they are elected, however we have that fundamental right which in a democracy is absolutely essential for women to be able to use the power of their vote to decide our own destiny.

I would like to extend my appreciation to all the women who are still struggling to gain their freedom and independent from despot officials and government and to let them know that eventually their freedom will come as the world changes the tyrant that are still keeping them enslaved will fall and they too will realise what being free truly means, and that the women who have gained their freedom and are on the international stage have not forgotten them.

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