Gaddafi- you cannot blame the west


It is rather fascinating to hear or read about how dictator seems to constantly blame others for any situation that put their draconian hold on people to the test.  They never seem to have the ability to realise that it is their actions and the manner in which they suppress their subjects that cause the very same subject to take up arms against them.

How ironic to think that a dictator that has ruled his people with a rod of iron, have ordered, if his former minister is to be believed, the murder of the people on Pam Am flight seems to believe that the people of Libya needed any encouragement to take up arms against him.

Muammar Gaddafi seems to be under the illusion that it is western society and in particular the United States that is causing the people of Libya to rebel and take up arms against him. He has the unmitigating gall to suggest that Washington has something to do with igniting the people of Libya and that the west is trying to split Libya.

He and his family have been living a life of luxury whilst the people of Libya suffer with hunger, unemployment, living below the poverty lines and he really believe that it would take Einstein to tell the people of Libya that something is wrong with the way in which the regime is treating them. He must be naive, and I do not believe that for one moment so the other conclusion is that he does not realise, or he doesn’t want to believe that the Libyans are fed up to the back teeth with his draconian style of leadership and now realise that it is time for him to go in order that they can begin to shape their country with a government with the people and for the people.

I was one of the voices that always believe that the West should not interfere with the internal struggles of any country, but where Gaddafi is concern, NATO and the United Nations should act swiftly to help the people get rid of Gaddafi for good.

This is the 21st century and we should not allow dictator to rule with a rod of iron when there are methods that we have to deal with them and in particular where the people have taken up arms against any dictator and request the help of NATO they should be given this help, and we should not wait until the majority is massacre before we decide to step in.

Libya needs to get rid of Gaddafi and this need to be done as a matter of urgency.  He must be ousted either by his own free will or by the people with the assistance of NATO.  The country cannot and should not be allowed to tolerate this dictator any longer.  He should not be given the opportunity to use forces loyal to him to suppress the people and murder anymore of them whilst we stand ideally by and do nothing.

The Gulf States including Saudi Arabia is backing a no-fly zone over Libya and when other Arab country begin to turn against any other country in the middle east that tell the world something.  It tell the rest of the world that they are tired of dictators like Gaddafi and that they need to see a sense of peace, dignity among the leaders and Gaddafi lost all sense of dignity where the people of Libya is concern and the world would like to see him removed from power and if necessary be tried for crimes against humanity and spent the rest of his days in a four by six prison cell along with his co-conspirator.

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