You are not a Child – Grow up

The picture on Corinne Sawers' Facebook page.

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

This unflattering picture that Corrine Sawers display on Face book showing her posing with a gold Kalashnikov rifle is disgraceful.  Someone in her position should know better than to do anything which would embarrass her father given his position.

This is not a child, this is a grown woman and if she cannot differentiate what should or should not be an item to be displayed on a social network then she surely has not learned anything from going to and graduating from university.  A ten year old would have known better and society come to expect better from a 23 year old.

Even if she had only display the photograph to her group of friends surely she knew that on social networks chatter and gossip is the norm and therefore someone would eventually either sent the picture to their friends are talk about it.

If I were her father I would be fuming because what she has done as called into question her father reputation and when you are in his position your reputation is extremely important and anything that his done to cast a shadow on that is counter-productive.

I am astounded and I am sure that the vast majority of the country will be feeling the same, if this was done by a child then we could overlook this as a childish prank and it would be forgotten very quickly, however this is from an individual who make it into to Oxford university which is no mean feat and therefore if she has the intellect and intelligence to be accepted and graduate Oxford she should have know that displaying such a photograph on facebook would certainly embarrass her father and that is really unforgiveable.

It beggars belief to think that someone would not know that given the sensitivity of the post that her father hold that any kind of prank like this would call into question is integrity, is beyond me.

She need to grow up and be a bit more circumspect as to the manner in which she conduct herself and her affairs, realising that her actions not only hurt her but hurt the people that we are suppose to love and worship.

I hope this will be a lesson to her which she will take into the future decision making, and ensure that when she decide to something stupid she stop and think about the consequences of her actions and what fall-out they will have for other people.

This is an unfortunate situation and I hope that John Sawers is not penalised for the foolish actions of his daughter, he does not deserve this, and unfortunately we can choose our friends but our children that is a different matter.

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