Why are human beings so afraid of the truth?

By:- Sandrea MY OPINION

As we leave 2010 and begin 2011, most people will have a New Year’s resolution, I would like to see more people been honest and up front with their partners, friends, relatives, siblings, and children.  There seems to be a propensity among people to either hide the truth or refuse from being honest about things that they believe will hurt another person.  However, when you hide or disguise the truth because of the ramifications that you believe could come out of being honest you are hurting yourself.

I would personally like to see more people step up to the plate and be honest, whether it is government officials, politician, or just ordinary people the truth may sometimes be hard to swallow but it is a better to swallow the pill of truth than to pretend that whatever the matter is it is ok. Unlike most individuals I would rather my friends, family or love ones be truthful to me irrespective of what the circumstances are I would rather hear the truth than have the truth disguise in a load of clap-trap just so my feelings can be spared.

Being honest with each other gives one the ability to grow and move on with their lives, but to live a life of lies and deceit is counter-productive to the way in which human being should evolve.

For example, if an individual choose to have an affair then obviously there is a serious problem within their relationship and having an affair does not solve the problems all it does is create further lies and deceit when it would have been better to say to the other person ‘this is not working so let’s go our separate ways.  It may hurt the person on the receiving end but in the long run it will be better for both parties than to prolong this myth that life is ok when in fact it is not.

In respect of children it would also seems that we have this innate ability to lie to our children under the disguise that we are protecting them.  However, children are not stupid and if we want 2011 to be a progressive year in the terms of human development we have to make a conscious decision to stop lying to ourselves and more importantly the people that we claim to care deeply about.

The year 2010,was a year in which I dealt with so much lies deceit and dishonesty that it has left me believing that the only way to progress is to begin to be honest first with myself and then with those around me and if they view my honesty as something that they do not have the capability of dealing with then it is their right, but for the first time my new year’s resolution is to be completely honest and truthful regardless of the situation and the people in my life can either deal with it or leave my surroundings.

Lies and half-truth has caused too much heartache and it is time to put a stop to this human betrayal of the truth and begin to put our cards on the table of truth.  We cannot continue to fool ourselves in believing that if we live our life with a lie we are protecting the people around us because when that lie is eventually unravelled it only make us look stupid and we lose the respect of others, when had we been truthful in the first place we would have gain not only the respect we deserve but would keep our dignity intact.

Liars have no dignity and they feed on the fact that individuals do not like to hear the truth so it has reached a climax in human development where we must now face the truth and laud those that have the guts and the dignity to be honest with us instead of treating them like monsters, we must embrace the fact that when people are honest with us we grow and become productive individuals when they lie to us we are kept in the dark and we cannot make intelligent decision.

So let us use 2011 to begin to address the issue of truth.

To all have a great 2011

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