UK Election Understanding What You are Voting For

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The vast majority of the electorate does not understand the power they hold, in my opinion. Voters can determine their future if they are wise and recognise the enormous problems that we have in the United Kingdom.

Looking at facts rather than fiction, the NHS is one of the greatest assets that we have in the United Kingdom. Everyone is treated the same at the point where they need medical care. If the Conservative have their way, they would have an American system of health care where only the very rich can get the kind of medical healthcare they need. They have the resources to pay for their health care, we get health care irrespective of our ability to pay, because of our national insurance contribution.

According to a media report, a child becomes homeless in the UK every eight minutes. Read more here

The government is there to not only run a country effectively but can unite the country. When you have a racist government then, of course, there is going to be constant conflict within the nation. There are more impoverish electorate than there are wealthy voters. The power to determine the future is in your hands, take time to recognise that if you vote in a counterproductive government you have to live with that decision for five years and most will not make it through the five years.

Apart from the NHS, the Conservatives, in my opinion, have devastated the welfare system, and give over 500 million to private firms to withdraw benefit from people who needed the help. All of those people they turned down won their appeal, some, unfortunately, commit suicide because of the position they were placed in by the government and their crony companies.

People use this election to vote for a party that you know always put people; first, you may not like the leader of the party, but you know that your life will be much better under a government that is not Conservative, in my opinion.

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