2020 Expectations Are High

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Expectations are high in 2020, but I believe that many of us are in for a great disappointment.

Firstly, the general election won by the Conservatives. Giving Boris Johnson not just an overall majority but an extra 80 so more MP’S and he can do what he like pass any laws he desires, and there is nothing to stop him, and that is not what democracy is all about.

My prediction for 2020 under a Conservative government is this. The decimation of the NHS, Welfare and benefit systems, more extended hospital wait, increase in the retirement age and many more people committing suicide because they are unable to cope under this government.

The electorate gave the Conservative a mandate, so they have to live with the consequences of their actions. The already rich will be a more prosperous small business will be devastated, and unemployment will rocket. There will be more homeless on our streets, and criminal activities will soar.

To be able to cope when the bad times come, you have to have faith in God and know that this turmoil is human-made and will not last. What you will see happen in this country is just a prediction of the Bible and the word of God.

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