YOU just can’t put your finger on it, but you have the feeling that something is not right. If you have one of those uneasy sensations, then you could be on to something. If your man is sending off some strange vibes, pay keen attention, he could be keeping secrets from you. Here are some clues that could help you figure things out.

1. He takes his phone calls in another room

When his brethren calls him, he bellows at the top of his lungs discussing the latest happenings, but then he gets that certain phone call and suddenly the television is too loud. He has to step outside to take the call. If your antennae are not up yet, then you are way too trusting.

2. He’s defensive

You ask an innocent question regarding his activity and it becomes grounds for a big argument. Right away he starts accusing you of being too possessive and inquisitive. Ever heard the expression, “The best form of defence is attack?”

3. He is too prepared

If your man has all the right answers to questions you haven’t even voiced yet, look out, you are dealing with a real pro. If he has all his moves planned to the last detail, it just means he doesn’t want to be leaving a trail.

4. He doesn’t meet your eyes

If you’re having a discussion with him and he can’t meet your eyes, something is wrong. It could be that guilt is tearing him apart, or he is afraid you will see the truth in his eyes. If your man’s eyes are all over the place and not meeting yours, it’s time to start sniffing!

5. He’s too attentive

Suddenly, he is super attentive. Your wish is his command. He starts taking home presents and little gifts for you. It’s not your birthday, and it’s not your anniversary… hello, someone wants to ease his conscience!

6. He is more amorous

Being close to you and keeping you distracted is a sure way to prevent you from prying too much. Besides, that sure beats conversation which could lead to him giving away more than he wants to!

7. He doesn’t leave a trail

If there’s nothing to hide, he won’t be thinking about erasing every number he has called from his phone. If he uses the Internet and erases his surfing history, if his computer is password protected, there could be something worth checking out.

8. He’s acting edgy

This is the clearest sign that he is keeping something close to his chest. If his whole body language and actions spells uncomfortable, so much so that your instinct has kicked in that something is not right, then go with your intuition.