Rape – How can you do this to your own?

By Sandrea: – MYGRIPE

Rape the definition; the art of forcing, especially woman or girl, to have sexual intercourse, unwillingly, a violation of an individual right to say no.

The systematic rape of one’s daughter is something that I cannot understand.  What level of depravity would allow a man to continuously rape his daughter?  Do these individuals realise what they are doing or they just do not care.  In the first place I find it intolerable that a man can even see his daughter in that light moreover to physical force himself on her.

Recently a friend told me that she knew that her sister was been molested by their father, he was constantly raping this young woman on a daily basis and although they told their mother what their father was doing, she refused to believe that he was actually raping his daughter and she berate her daughters for lying about their father.

When her sister left home she began to sleep with a meat cleaver beside her bed as she decided that should her father attempt to do the same thing to her she was going to make sure that no one could call her a liar.  She was prepared to do sever damage to her father.  However, having realised that she was not going to be a push over like her sister he did not try it with her.  To date she and she sister has not spoken to their parent for over thirty years.

It beggar belief that a man could see his baby daughter grow into a young woman and having watched that child he then turned around and force himself on that child.  Do these rapist realise what they do their children?  It is bad enough that some one that you do not know rape you, but when this is committed by the very person who is suppose to protect and shelter you from all harms, then the devastation that these children have to bear must be imaginable.

The person I really detest in these stories are the women who cannot believe that their husband or partners are capable of such atrocities and even when they can prove what the child is saying stick by these men as if their lives depended on it.  There is no way in hell if I knew that my child was been molested by her father, or any other family member for that matter, that he would be protected.  I most probable would end up in prison for the bastard, I would certainly not be his shield.

If there are individuals that are reading this that are being molested by their father or any family member, this is wrong, do not put up with it and no matter what they tell you, no matter how they tell you that no one will believe you, that is crap.  When they tell you that it is a secret between the both of you and that if you talk people will not believe you they are using these methods to continue their bad behaviour and if you buy into their scheme they will continue to abuse you.

Too many children have been abused by their family members and I personally believe that western society need to do something drastic to deter these men from ruining their children’s lives.  I would go as far as to say that I would welcome castration for men who are found guilty of performing these dreadful and outrageous crimes.

The taking away of a child innocent is deplorable.  These young people should be allowed to give their virginity to someone that they choose to give it to.  To be able to decide when, and if, they wish to go down that road.  To have your childhood snatched away like that must be extremely devastating for these young people.  Who among us can even contemplate what horror that these children must be going through.  To know that every night you own father is lurking outside your bedroom door to come in and abuse must be a total nightmare for them.

So I suggest the following:-

  • The first time he tries it, tell an adult
  • Do not suffer in silence
  • Regardless of what he tell you, do not believe him
  • Do not allow him to instil fear in you
  • If you believe that you mother will not believe you, then tell a teacher, report it to the police or other family member
  • He has no rights to sexually abuse you, so do not let him
  • You have a right as an individual not be sexually molested by your father, or any other family member
  • If you are not the one being abuse but you know that abuse is being carried out on one of your sibling, do not keep quiet, expose him for the coward he is.

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