Multiculturalism, not the problem, Racism is

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

It is not often that I find myself agreeing with any member of the conservatives and in particular its leader however, I have to agree with David Cameron’s remark that Britain has failed in her attempt to integrate multiculturalism within the country.

Although Mr Cameron have identify a small part of the problem I believe that he should have gone much further in stating that the overwhelming reason that multiculturalism failed miserable in the UK is primarily due to ‘institutional racism’ and until we can root out those that are still practicing that kind of racist behaviour then we cannot integrate our communities and find common grounds in which we can live in peace.

One just has to cast their minds back to the eighties when the Brixton riot erupted and cost millions of pounds in damages because the black community was fed up to their back teeth in being the target of the metropolitan police and their draconian ‘sus’ law.  Even though we have come a long way since the eighties young black men are still being targeted by the police and not just young black but every non-white young man who look or appear to be different.

It is impossible to unite communities when is people are constantly being harass.  I would not like anyone to believe that I am blinded to the fact that in every community there are the good, the bad, and the downright disgusting and the authority need to portray the fact that they are treating these individual equally and will, when they commit crimes arrest them and send them to prison.

In the vast sea of so-called multiculturalism there seems to be one aspect that have been constantly overlooked by the mainstream.  In my opinion I believe that when immigrant started to arrive in this country it would appear that there was a genuine consensus that these people would not have children and that was a stupid and inept attitude for anyone to hold.

The first generation immigrants to this country where docile and would prefer not to buck the system and therefore they took everything that was thrown at them.  However, second and third generation will not accept institutional racism, they will not allow themselves to be bullied, they were born in this country and they have every right to be treated as equals.

David Cameron is absolutely right when he stated “under the doctrine of state multiculturalism, we have encouraged different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other and the mainstream”. The authority have categorised people and put them in bracket and make some sections of the community believe they are better than others and therein lays the paradox.

I have to agree with David Cameron again, which is extremely difficult for me, that unless we find methods to integrate our young people whether it is from a religious stand point, freedom of speech the rights to effectively practice religious beliefs we will find it difficult to prevent home-grown terrorism.  Furthermore, I would agree with him also that the lack of national identity in Britain which had made some young Muslims turn to extremist ideology.

If you do not feel that your country is behind you, feel that you are not given the respect that you deserve then of course impressionable young people can be brain-washed into undertaken unspeakable crime against the community and that does not serve anyone.

I hope that these are not mere words from the PM but that he and his coalition government will pull their finger out and put in place the policies and procedures that are necessary for multiculturalism to really work in Britain, and demonstrates that not only can we live in our own communities but we can respect other communities and work together as a team, because together we achieve more, and we can leave the next generation with a fundamental united blue-print of co-operation on which they can continue to build a stronger foundation of mutual respect for each other irrespective of what background we are from.

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