Moscow Metro bomb gang members killed in FSB raid

MOSCOW: Members of a gang who sent two “black widow” suicide bombers into the Moscow Metro have been killed by secret agents, the head of Russia’s Federal Security Service said.

Three people believed to have organised the terror attack were killed after refusing to surrender, Aleksandr Bortnikov, the FSB chief, told President Dmitry Medvedev. Forty people died in the rush-hour attacks on two stations in March.

One of those killed by the FSB had escorted the women suicide bombers to Moscow from the North Caucasus region of Russia and another had led the women to the underground network on the day of the attacks, Mr Bortnikov said. “To our great regret, we did not manage to seize them alive. They offered bitter armed resistance and were destroyed.”

A grim-faced Mr Medvedev said that “there was nothing to be sorry about” in eliminating those responsible for the terrorist attack. Mr Bortnikov said that all those behind the bombings had been identified.

He added:”Active Measures have been taken to hunt down the other members of the gang. We know them all.”

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