Is al-Qaida destined to make the 21st century one of fear?

By Sandra:-MYGRIPE

Following the discovery of an explosive device being shipped to the US, are we now going to see an increase in violence activities from Al-Qaida.

Since 9/11 the world has been on tender-hooks, that one heinous crime as left the entire planet reeling with fear.  Our lives as been changed dramatically, things that we took for granted before disappear before our eyes because of a crime that should never have happen, not then not ever.  However, Al-Qaida has demonstrated to us that they are not civilised individuals and they will stop at nothing to wreak havoc and mayhem on innocent people in order to put across their warp ideologies.

This latest incident will once again see countries tighten their security services even more. At the moment we have Osama Bin Laden threatening the French authority because of their decisions to ban the burka and hijab.

We as a nation cannot allow these individuals to make our lives a living hell, who do they think they are?

Regardless, of what our various governments does to ensure our security, how do you fight fanatical individuals who have no respect for their own lives which means that they have no regards for the lives of others and this is really a sad affair.

Because of their disgusting behaviour we are made to feel like inferior beings, going through airport security is trying to get into Fort Knox, you are made to feel as if your dignity is no more, having to remove your shoes, having other patting you down like a common criminal.  Although we detest this kind of intrusion in our lives we tolerate them because we want to know that when we board a plane we are going to arrive at our destination safe.

This minority seems to be holding the world at ransom, we cannot ignore the threat these individuals pose.  It would be unfair to classify all worshiper of the Islamic faith as fanatic, because they are clearly not and we need them to openly voice their disgust at these acts of violence against innocent people.

Irrespective of whether you live in the US, UK, Australia, Europe, it really does not matter because there are all potential targets of these blood thirsty idiots. In my opinion the only way that we are going to curtail the threat against us is to find the snake and cut off its head and then the body dies.

In my opinion so long as Osama Bin Laden is allowed to spew is propaganda, so long as we give him a forum to preach is ridiculous ideas, as long as that man is in this world then we are going to continue to fight terrorism into the 22 century and that is not a legacy that we wish to leave to the next generation.

It makes me so furious to believe that minute set of individuals can cause the rest of the world so much concern.  We need to stand firmly behind our governments and our security services and stop criticising them regarding the methods that they use to bring these deviants to justice.

I am an individual who firmly believe in human rights and believe that human beings should be treated with respect.  However as far as I am concern if the terrorist are willing to play dirty then so should we.  Why should we allow them to bring our cities to standstill? Why should we allow them to disrupt the lives and liberty of innocent people?  Why should we allow them to murder and slaughter our people as if they are animals?

Enough is enough we cannot allow these people to cause us so much suffering it is time we tell them that their atrocities will not be tolerated by civilise people.

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