I paid £85k to look just like Jordan… and everyone despised me

How Hollie’s obsession led to a life of misery

HAPLESS Hollie Henderson made a big boob when she splurged £85k on turning herself into JORDAN.

Because when the glamour girl’s popularity took a nosedive, so did Hollie’s.

Now she’s having to spend thousands of pounds to get her old look back – because she’s fed up of getting so much stick.

Before: Hollie hated her frumpy look

Before: Hollie hated her frumpy look

The 32-year-old explained: “When Jordan and Peter split, the problems started. I’d have drinks thrown at me and be called a slag and a slut. It was a nightmare.” The single mum’s obsession with the big-chested model started in 2002, after she was mistaken for a boy in a shop.  For the next seven years she spent every spare penny trying to look like her glamour idol instead.

Hollie, said: “I’d always looked up to Jordan and when I’d had my second child I hated by appearance. I felt overweight and frumpy.  “One day I was standing in Boots waiting to pay and this woman barged into the queue. Another woman said, ‘Oi, that lad’s before you.’ When I realised she meant me I was mortified.

“I went home and cried my eyes out. One of my friends came round and tried to cheer me up by saying: ‘I don’t know why you feel rubbish. You look like Jordan.’  “I couldn’t see it myself but I just seized upon her look as something I could achieve.

“So I did everything I could to transform myself into her, and I was really pleased with the results.” First, Hollie hit the gym and went on a diet to whittle down her size 14 frame to a size 10.  Then she got credit cards to boost her 32B boobs to a 32DD at the Lifestyle Surgery in Bristol.   And she had a tummy tuck and liposuction to remove stubborn fat on her bum and legs.

Hollie, who has two sons aged seven and 10, said: “I felt amazing, and it spiralled from there. Every time Jordan dyed her hair, I would, or I’d get extensions.”  Then in September 2003 Hollie went back to her plastic surgeon Simon Lee for SECOND boob job, to make her a 32FF – the same size as Jordan at that time.

Now: Understated and happier

Now: Understated and happier

She said: “I was over the moon with the results. My confidence soared and I felt sexy.”  Hollie sent her photo to modelling and promotions agencies, and was flooded with offers of work.   And when Jordan – who spends £100,000 a year on her hair, clothes and make-up – went on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity in 2004, Hollie had more liposuction to look even more like her.

She recalled: “Jordan then start- ed dating Peter and was all over the magazines and newspapers.   “Because she was popular, I’d have girls coming up to me saying how much I looked like her, and everyone was nice to me. “I’d dress in skimpy outfits and show off my boobs, just like she did, and I had a ball.”

After Jordan’s wedding in 2005, she slimmed to a size six – and Hollie did too. She said: “Everything she did, I did. When she started on the Botox, so did I. I had lip fillers, and if she had a trout pout, I’d get one.  “I loved being like her, being pampered in the nail salon every week and getting a spray tan.

“I did modelling work because I had her look. I made a nice living out of it, and it was brilliant.  “And I started to get attention from guys and it made me feel so much better.”  Hollie even changed her name to Princess after Jordan’s daughter, who was born in 2007.   But it all turned sour after the star’s love split in May last year. Hollie said: “Until then, at least people respected her as a business-woman – and I did too – but now she’s a bit of a joke.

“People started to roll their eyes at me like I was a bimbo, and call me names. Girls would sneer at me. It got to the stage where I hated going out. I felt embarrassed.”  Hollie is now having a MAKE- UNDER to remove all traces of Jordan.  She has ditched the Botox, fake tan and hair extensions – and is spending £6,000 on getting her boobs reduced. She said: “I’m going for the understated look. I’m 32 and don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb.”

She is also studying for a forensic psychology degree at Liverpool John Moores University. “I want to be a profiler, helping the police track down dangerous criminals, and I can hardly do that looking like Jordan,” she said.  “At least it will be quite cheap to get back to being me!”

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