Ronnie Wood’s girl in hospital after fight over Kat


Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood’s Brazilian girlfriend was rushed to hospital by ambulance over a furious bust-up with the veteran rocker.

Feisty mop-haired beauty Ana Araujo, 30, flew into a jealous rage at a picture of 62-year Ronnie’s ex, Russian cocktail waitress Katia Ivanova, which he was still keeping in his home.

Friends say it was the last straw for the high-spirited architecture student and she has now DUMPED the wrinkly star.  Screaming Ana got so upset in last weekend’s heated argument that paramedics were called to the turreted house in Claygate, Surrey.

One onlooker told the News of the World: “An ambulance arrived and the crew went into Ronnie’s place.

“They eventually emerged with Ana and sped off with her.”

The couple started dating in February – just weeks after Ronnie’s tempestuous relationship with Katia finally ended in December.  Over the last two months, Ana – who also teaches polo part-time – has been credited with keeping notorious boozer Ronnie off alcohol, encouraging him to spend more time on his talent for painting instead.

But three weeks after they got together their relationship was badly rocked when Ronnie was pictured making a secret late-night visit to 21-year-old Katia’s Camden home.  Photos captured her beaming as she opened the door and flung her arms around Ronnie’s neck before inviting him inside.  In March it was reported Ronnie and Ana had another row after she discovered he’d briefly fallen off the wagon.

Ana allegedly went on “a rampage” ripping up two of Ronnie’s paintings and giving him a black eye and a bloody lip.  The pair quickly kissed and made up but friends claim the romance was jinxed from the start and punctuated by frequent jealous spats over curvy Katia.  It’s becoming a familiar pattern in Ronnie’s doomed love life since he cheated on model wife Jo with Katia during a booze and sex bender in July 2008.   The affair immediately ended Ronnie’s 23-year marriage. Jo told the News of the World: “Katia did me a favour. She has now become ME, having to look after Ronnie full-time. And I have now become HER – free and single.”

And after a string of rows the new lovers split and it was Katia’s turn to hit out.   She said: “Ronnie was like a child with tantrums when he was drunk, throwing water bottles and doing impressions of my voice.  “I grew out of him. I just thought, ‘What’s the point of being with an older man if he acts about 12?’ ”

A spokesman for Ronnie last night refused to comment.

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