How many more deaths can we tolerate

By Sandrea:-

Democracy, this nine letter word has been downfall of so many.  We have over the years watched many of our young soldiers die all in the name of democracy and freedom, but how many more deaths can we tolerate.

As the plane carrying the bodies of the seven servicemen who died in Afghanistan, land in the UK, I cannot help feeling sad for the families of these brave men, I cannot get this sadness from me that these men have die defending democracy, and it makes me wonder it their death will be in vain.

Cemeteries, in England, America, Canada and all the other nations that have soldiers stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq, with headstones of men and women who have died in those countries and one wonders, if the day will come when we can say that their deaths, although unfortunate, was for something good.  Will Those countries ever really have democracy?  Or are our children dying in vain?

I cannot even begin to comprehend what it must feel like to lose a son, a brother, a husband, a father, or any relative for that matter in this kind of conflict.  But my sympathies goes out to each and every one who have this unfortunate events trussed upon them

However, the big question here, is when is it going to end?  When will our boys come home?  I understand that when they decided to have a career in the military they expected that they would be drawn into conflict, but I would imagine that most soldier believe they would be fighting to protect their countries, not to be placed in some hell-hole, thousand of miles from home fighting some-body’s else’s, war.

In my opinion, and I understand that many people will not agree with me, but I believe that our soldiers have done all they can for those countries and it is time we now leave these countries to police themselves and use their own armies to defend their people, we have been there long enough.  There should be no more planes landing with bodies of our young people.  Enough is enough and this should end sooner rather than later.

It is with a heavy heart that I say, may the souls of these seven soldiers rest in peace, may they find solace in the hand of God, and may God give the families strength to carry on without their love ones, and their children will grow to appreciate all that their fathers have done for democracy.  REST IN PEACE

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