Eat This Type of Bread to Stay Regular

Artisan Rye BreadFeeling a little irregular? There’s a certain type of bread that may help keep things moving along: rye.

In a study, eating whole-grain rye bread every day for 3 weeks produced even better relief from constipation than laxatives did.

Something in the Rye
Cramps, bloating, abdominal pressure . . . being constipated sure is uncomfortable. And unfortunately, about 30 percent of people living in Western countries suffer from chronic constipation. Eating more fiber is a great way to get things moving again, and whole-grain rye bread is a great source. In the study, people who bulked up their diets with about nine slices of fiber-rich (4 grams of fiber/slice) rye bread daily experienced significant relief from their constipation. Food took less time to pass through their bodies, and they were able to go more times each week.

Colon Cues
If you add more fiber to your diet, remember to add more water as well. Fiber can help bulk up and soften stools, but without enough water, it may be hard to go. Eating a diverse diet that includes 6 servings of whole grains per day can make your RealAge as much as 4 years younger.

For an extra-nutritious way to get regular, use dark rye flour. Dark rye — from whole berries and grains of rye grass — retains more nutrients because the germ and the bran are not separated during the milling process. Try some great artisanal bread recipes by using the kneading muscle of your bread machine, shape, and then bake in your own oven.

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