Dogs no longer Aussie posties’ biggest worry after finger severed by letterbox

GETTING attacked by a dog is no longer a postal delivery worker’s biggest fear after advances in technology have left letterboxes dangerous.

A postal worker’s index finger was severed recently by the sharp edge of a spring-tensioned letterbox flap in suburban Adelaide, Australia Post said.

The ABC reported the worker’s finger got trapped by the spring-tensioned flap and was pushed against a sharp edge resulting in the injury.

The company said the technology is common in new letterboxes and they have asked residents to modify them to help posties remain injury-free.

“Removing or disabling the spring in your letterbox is very straightforward and can be done with a pair of pliers,” Communications manager Joshua Zugajev said.

“You can simply bend the spring back so it doesn’t put pressure on the flap, or completely remove it.”

Australia Post will  conduct a letterbox drop in the coming days explaining how to fix their letterboxes.

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