Coronavirus And The Worldwide Panic

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From the information that we are getting through the media and other sources, the Coronavirus seems to be devastating to people in their 70’s and those with a compromised immune system.

So why is there so much panic going on in the world? Supermarket and other retail shops are experiencing panic shopping. It surprised me that we are gullible that we cannot see the woods from the trees.

The human race will survive no matter what is, thrown at us, and the only one that will eventually deal with humanity is God. There is so much misinformation, and people are not coping effectively in this time of crisis, and that is something that the Government should be addressing.

Human beings panic so quickly that it make me realise that all that any organisation needs to do to create chaos, confusion and fear is to announce that we have a common virus attacking people.

I am not saying we should not protect ourselves when we are, told of a crisis but hurting people because we believe that they are the cause of our problems is wrong.

People get reality grip there is virus all around us every day, so stop your panic, be kind to your neighbour and you will survive the Coronavirus, as we did Sars 2004, Avian 2008, Swine 2010, Mers 2012, Ebola 2018 and Corona 2020.

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