Body in UK may be missing woman

POLICE searching for missing British architect Joanna Yeates were alerted Saturday to a young woman’s body found by a couple walking their dog near a golf course in Bristol, western England, according to Sky News UK.

Yeates’ parents said their “lives had gone” after the body was found.

Distraught father David Yeates said he “would be relieved” if the body of the young woman was his daughter as it meant he would at least be able to say goodbye at the grave.

“Of course we don’t know for sure that it’s her but we assume that it is,” he told the Sunday Telegraph.

“Nobody else has been reported missing and it’s the body of a young girl close to where Jo disappeared.”

He added: “In truth we feel like we hope … we would be relieved if it was her. We don’t want to go to our graves wondering where she is and not being given the chance to say goodbye to her.”

The body was discovered around 9:00am local time at the edge of Longwood Lane, at the back of the Bristol and Clifton Golf Club, nearly four miles from the apartment Yeates shared with her boyfriend Greg Reardon. He reported her missing when he returned home Sunday night from a weekend trip and found her belongings, including the coat she was last seen wearing and her mobile phone, but no sign of her.

It was understood that the police search had not previously widened to include the golf course, in part because it is located on the opposite side of a gorge.

Police Chief Superintendent Jon Stratford said the body had yet to be formally identified and that the autopsy results would not be available until Sunday at the earliest but that Yeates’ parents were being kept abreast of the developments.

Authorities recently finished an inch-by-inch search of the road leading to where the body was found, and a pathologist was expected on-site later in the day.

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