US dad holds baby hostage

A FATHER took his infant son hostage and torched the family Christmas tree during a wild standoff with New York City police on Christmas Eve.

The baby’s arm was broken and cut badly during the incident, and father Trevor Mann, 26, was being held in a psychology ward after being hit with a list of charges including felony assault, assaulting a cop, arson and resisting arrest.

The terrifying scene unfolded shortly before midnight on Christmas Eve, when an off-duty officer spotted a red Nissan run a red light and plow into a van. Police chased the driver, a 6-foot, 300-pound man believed to be Mann, to his home, where he threw out the rest of his family who had gathered to celebrate.

The only one left inside with Mann was two-month-old Tredon. Outside, the off-duty police phoned for backup and waited as uniformed officers descended.

“Give up the baby!” officers shouted at Mann, only to have the front door slammed on them with threats that the infant might be harmed.

A few minutes later, Mann emerged briefly from the home holding the baby — and both were naked.

As police moved quietly to the back of the house to position themselves for a raid, they saw through a window that as Mann was holding the baby in one hand, he had half of a Christmas tree burning in the other. A strong smell of smoke was in the air.

Four officers then burst into the building and subdued Mann. In the kitchen, they found the stove was cluttered and all four burners were lit.

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