‘Be balanced’, police federation urges Witter

WITTER... has called for a commission of enquiry into the security forces' operation in Tivoli.

THE Police Federation has called on Public Defender Earl Witter to strike a balance when presenting details of the security forces’ operation in Tivoli Gardens to the Jamaican public.

Chairman of the Police Federation Sergeant Raymond Wilson said the security forces must not be chastised for carrying out their functions but given the support of every citizen in leading this charge.

“The time is almost passed if we are to recapture stability and law and order in Jamaica from the criminal elements,” Wilson said in a news release.

He said while the role and function of the public defender is clear and respected, justice should be balanced not only for the residents of West Kingston, but also the security forces who came under tremendous attack seen only in war-torn countries.

“The federation is lamenting that choices made by some residents against law and order should not be used as a weapon against the security forces who have no option but to confront criminal elements,” Wilson said.

“The federation has commended the security forces for the high level of tolerance and professionalism exhibited over the period even while mourning the loss of their own. They are imploring all law abiding citizens to unite, sending a clear signal to criminals that Jamaica will not be a safe haven.”

Witter has recommended that a commission of enquiry be established in order to conduct a judicial enquiry into the conduct of the security forces since the proclamation of the State of Emergency last week.

Last week 76 people were killed, including three members of the security forces, and 58, (30 soldiers and 28 cops), injured in the West Kingston violence which intensified when the security forces tried to serve an arrest warrant on Tivoli Gardens don Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

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