As the 21st Century Escape Richard Keys and Andy Gray

By Sandrea: – MY OPINION

Sometimes one have to wonder what is lacking in some people’s lives why they find it necessary to belittled others with their ridiculous remarks. It must have escaped Richard Keys and Andy Gray that we are no longer residing in the dark ages and that mostly anything that a man has the capability of doing so can a woman.

One would believe that prominent men such as those two would have emerge from their cavemen mentality holding the notion that women should be tied to the kitchen sink bare foot and pregnant.  Their derogatory remarks caught on tape with regard to the female assistant referee are disgraceful and suspension is too light for individuals like those two.

It is bad enough that women constantly have to prove their worth in what is commonly believe to be a man’s world their job is not make easier when they are belittle by archaic remarks of cavemen, in fact comparing those two to cavemen could be an insult to cavemen.

Who do they think they are?  Do they believe that they are the only ones that know what the ‘offside rule is, I am darn sure that there many women who knows a good deal about football including the rules that govern the game and I am certain that if this assistant referee had not earn the right to referee the game then she would not be given the task to do so.

It is not football that has gone mad, it is those two who have nothing better to do than berate the integrity of the assistant referee, especially when she was correct in her decision.

Richard Keys and Andy Gray views are not just unacceptable it is condescending and vile and they should make a public apology for their infantile behaviour.

Both need to review the reasons why they deem it necessary to criticise the women in football and they clearly will come to the conclusions that they are doing so because of some deep seated problems that they have in their lives and to show bravado they believe that they can conceal their inferiority complex by berating and demeaning the female.

I suggest that they seek help from a professional because if they continue to use such foul and uncalled for language against women in football they will eventually damage what little reputation that they have left.

Personal opinion is one thing but making those clearly bias opinions public is not only stupid but fool-hardy.

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