Are we seriously failing – our children

I cannot believe how miserable we have failed the next generation. It it sickening to know that we, as parents,are  incapable of making sure our children were better rear.

Somehow it would seem that we have failed our children in: 1. Moral values, 2. Decency, 3. honesty, 4. Hopes and dreams, 5. Visions , 6. Integrity on the list could goes on and on.

I know that you are asking yourselves, what is this person talking about.   I’ll tell you, over the last decade we have seen children killing children.  No one can forget the ‘Jamie Bulger’ case.  This horrify a nation because of the fact that this was a child killed by children in such a callous way that it beggars belief.  One asked, oneself, what could cause children to behave in such a manner.

We hardly get over that and yet again another set of of children , at the time of their crimes spree were a mere  10 and 11.  Where would children that age come up behaviour like that.  How could children that young formulate a plan to torture children as young as themselves.  It seems unbelievable that this is happening in this time.

Here I go again, ready to be lynch by parents, because I do believe that as parents we have a responsibility to our children and when young children becomes capable of undertaking this kind of vile and outrageous crimes then unfortunately I have to look at the parents.  What are we doing in our homes that would give a child the idea that going out and torturing another is acceptable or fun.

If, you know your children then there must be some visible sign  that they are heading down the wrong path.  These kids could not have just got out of bed one morning and decide that they were going to commit a horrible crime.  Somehow there has got to be some behaviour, which was pointing to these kids needing help.

At their sentencing it was stated that ” the brothers, now aged 11 and 12, lured their victims to a secluded spot and subjected them to 90 minutes of violence and sexual humiliation where the victims were choked, hit with bricks, made to eat nettles, stripped and forced to sexually abuse each other.  The older boy was seriously injured when a piece of ceramic sink was dropped on his head”.

Come on where would kids that age learn this outrageous behaviour?  What did these two brothers saw in their environment surrounding, that make them go and do something as revolting as this.

I am shocked and very angry,  I feel like I am living on some far away distant planet, I am in some dreamland and when I awake this will never have happen.  But, it is a reality our children have gone over the edge.  We have to do something to stop this kind of behaviour from happening again.  We need to recognise in our children the signs that could potentially turned them into monsters.

We have to go back to loving and spending time with our children.  Teaching them values, stop pampering to their every unreasonable whim, fobbing them off because we are so stress out that we have not time for them.  We have to go back to the basics.  If we are ever going to prevent these kind of headlines we, as parents and society in general have to re-think our strategy dealing with our children

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  1. Yea your’re not wrong what happen to us parent’.are we as parent’s not spending enough time with our kids and teaching them the values of life. we spend so much time doing and worrying about things that is not important and not paying enough attention to our children. As a mother and a father we should realize and see the sign from early age if something isn’t right with your child. children as 11 year old in their mom house pregnant and as a mother she doesn’t know’ what could she be doin as a mother to not notice that her 11 year old daughter is pregnant.their too busy lock down with their man, are on the phone gossiping, are worrying about things that are not important and kids are left unsupervise to do what they wanna do. its a dam shame and disgrace some some woman are allow to have children.

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