50 dead, how long before the US ban AR – 15 assault rifles.

How many more people have to die before the US wake up and ban AR-15 assault rifle. The fact that it may be in their constitution the right to bear arm does not mean that they cannot do something to stop the needless loss of life.

It is amazing that after all the deaths attributed to idiots with More >

Let’s vote to stay in the European Union

In 1967 the European Union was established. 

In 1973 Britain joined the European Union, it was Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath, who took Britain into the Union. I do not always agree with members of the Conservative government, but as far as I am concerned and particular in my opinion, More >

London Parking – Big Rip off for motorists

According to what I have learned and about Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), or what is commonly known as the ‘Road Tax’.

This is a tax which should allow you, in my interpretation of what the tax is for, to use the public highways, which should mean that you are allowed to park your motor vehicle More >

Cannot speak the Truth hold your tongue

The ninth commandment says ‘Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour‘. Exodus 20 verse 16. But although we are given such clear instructions human beings still find it within themselves to tell lies and cause so much hurt to others. God forbids us to lie in any matter that is More >

Fattest people in UK by 2025

According to the media a research has been published which suggest that by 2025 the British will have the fattest people in Europe.

I cannot understand why this comes as a surprise to anyone.  Thirty years ago the majority of parents would prepare meals for their families and fast food would be a More >

Compromising Privacy – Blame Terrorist

There was a time when as human beings, we cherish the right to be able to undertake most of our basic human functions in private.

The erosion of privacy is caused by so-called terrorist who do not seem to have a clue about what they are trying to achieve.  How can you blow up an airport, killing 23 More >

Racial targeting of ‘Black Businesses’

It would appear that ‘black businesses’ are being racially targeted by the licensing authority in most London borough.

The vast majority of black businesses that operate wine bars or pubs rely on their liquor license to operate their business effectively, but it would appear that more and more More >

Why Blame God for our decision

I find it amazing that every time human beings make mistakes they either blame another human being or they blame God.

One of the greatest gifts that God gave to humans is the ability to make choices, we have been given free will to make what we want of our lives choose the paths of good or evil, More >

The truth about Babylon and the Anti-Christ

For many years we have wondered if  the AntiChrist exists and if it does where will the destruction of our planet will begin.  I believe the video below will sum up the whole picture and if at the end of watching this video you do not become a believer, then all that I can say is good luck to you More >

Technology and Children, how vigilant can parents really be

I recently read an article which is giving parent 10 ways in which they can ensure that their children use technology effectively. I do have a few issues with this advice.

Far be it for me to determine that the advice given in the article cannot be implemented by parent should they choose to but, More >

Family Values – Why have they deteriorated

I have recently come across an article featured in the media, where a New York woman is suing her nephew.

Apparently, four years ago while she was attending her nephew’s birthday party, he leaps into her arms and she sustained a broken wrist. She is now asking the courts to award her $127, 000 in More >

James Spader – A Formidable an Amazing Actor

James Spader was born on the 7 February 1960 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

It is rather difficult for me to give praise and accolade to anyone, much less an actor, and that is exactly what I find myself doing where James Spader is a concern.  It is unbelievable how an individual could More >

David Cameron – Tackle Extremism

Rich, coming from him, you cannot tackle extremism by words and so-called shutting down extremist schools.  If one uses such approach, then all that, one does is to push the activities of extremist underground where they cannot be monitored.

The extremist is already telling their young, More >

Dead Woman – Business as usual

What has happened to the human race, have we become so self absorb that we can no longer become our brother’s keeper.

The news reported in the media that a woman was found dead in 24 hour McDonald’s in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, and that diners were unaware that this homeless woman was dead and they More >

PPI Nuisance calls getting on my nerves

I know that we live in a world where technology is a way of life and there is nothing one can do about that.

However, I am fed up to the back teeth of these people who are trying to fleece you out of whatever PPI compensation one may entitle to, with their persistence call to both your home and More >

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