The Air We Breathe in London, Can Kill Us

Following media reports that MP’s are to investigate the ‘air quality’ in London, or as it is aptly named ‘the invisible killer’. One has to wonder what is really new about this problem.

There is no doubt, from reading the information that is out there, that the pollution and the air quality in and More >

Pistorius, Accident or Murder

As reported in the media the Prosecutor in the Pistorius murder trial picked apart piece by piece the evidence that he laid before the court.

It is never a good thing for anyone to judge another person’s guilt or innocence, especially in a case where one was not present and we are relying on More >

Nelson Mandela Prince amongst mere mortal

As we mourn the lost of this great man, we however take the time to celebrate his life and the legacy that he has left behind him. How can we ever forget the day he walked out of his prison cell after spending 27 years of his life locked away from the world.  Yet even in confinement this great man More >

The Human Race never fails to amaze me

Human beings are made up of two kinds those who are genuinely decent and those that have allowed their greed to overtake them completely. One would believe that being a human being that is supposed to have a conscience, know the difference between right and wrong would set us far apart from other More >

Counting your blessings let’s start today

Counting our blessings starts today, we are going to remember that our Saviour promise to take care of us, see to our needs protect body and soul and if we are grateful to the living God them our blessing can only increase tenfold. God gave us clear instructions as to how we live our life and the More >

When death seems senseless how do one cope

The senseless death of a friend of ours on Monday 19 August 2013, will haunt not just his family but his friends for a very long time. It is difficult for us to come to terms with the fact that Chris is gone, hit by a train at Tooting Bec station  2.20 pm, in one single flash he was here and within More >

Gratitude peace and love for a day like this [Image attach]

There are times that we forget that there is so much that we have to be grateful for in our lives. This scenery was taken by my daughter today and posted on Facebook and it is a reminder that irrespective of what our problems are, whether it is our relationship, finance, stress or just the dregs of More >

Get real Ex Footballer Pele in a class of his own

It is unbelievable to believe that anyone who have any knowledge of football could even begin to compare Pele with Cristiano Ronaldo.  However, according to a report that is exactly what was done apparently, Gary Lineker, an Ex footballer himself, stated  that Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Pele, More >

Celebrities versus Domestic Violence

It would appear from information in the media, actor Terrence Howard was accused of beating his ex wife and 50 cents plead not guilty also, to domestic violence. There was a time when domestic violence was a plague that affect individuals that was not in the public eye and was seen as a lower to More >

Let’s not be naive the ‘N’ word will not go away

According to a report in the media Oprah Winfrey, says that she cannot tolerate anyone who use the ‘N’ word around her regardless of the colour of their skin. The vast majority of people Oprah’s age or more do recognize and understand how derogatory that word is and will not use it even in terms of More >

Without God’s guidance life as no meaning

Over the last few days the popular press is filled with so-called celebrities that are either bankrupt, struggling with drugs and some supposedly suffering from paranoia. Looking at these individuals who were given such enormous talents, one that should enrich their lives, but instead they create a More >

Kanye West, get real where is your integrity

Following the media report and video footage of the Kanye West altercation at LAX, one has to ask the question, why do some so-called celebrity behave in such counterproductive manner. Looking at the circumstances from a lay person point of view, these individuals will do just about anything to get More >

Zimmerman portrays as Superman, people please

According to the media George Zimmerman who was recently acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin, helped rescue a family of four when their vehicle overturned on a Florida highway. It never ceases to amaze me the manner in which society views a normal decent human act, the fact that there was More >

Tina Turner can wear what she wants for her wedding

I find it absolutely amazing that people are commenting on the fact that Tina Turner decide to wear green for her wedding. This is the twenty first century and people are not about to continue this so-called tradition of wearing a white dress for their wedding.  One needs to understand the concept More >

Get real people babies are born every day

As the British public gets over excited at the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall wall first child, anyone looking at us from another planet would believe that this was some superb special occasion. Having deliver hundred of babies in my capacity as a midwife I just find it extraordinary More >
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