Will They Find ‘Dudus’?

By Sandrea:-

Following the panic that gripped Jamaica yesterday when there was only a rumour that the Government had signed the ‘Dudus’ extradition paper, now that it is a reality, what is going to be the out-come?

To see shops pulling down there shutters, operators on King, Orange and Princess streets quickly ushered their workers home, as more and more persons whispered that gunmen had taken to the streets to protest against the decision to extradite Dudus to the US. – That happen simply from a rumour – cannot imagine now, that this is true, what is going to happen to the country.

The most fundamental question however, is will they ever find Mr Coke.  I think it has escaped some people’s mind that we are not talking about an impoverished person.  This is no ordinary Jamaican.  The is a man of considerable means, and I can imagine very good contacts.

Throughout, all the bangarang surrounding him, I am yet to see him appear on any television, or in any newspaper.  He has kept a low profile.  That is the making of a person who his clever, intelligent and know how to look after himself.

It is all well and good that the extradition order is signed, but for this to be effective they have to find Mr Coke first and personally I do not think that is going to be as easy as the US authority think.

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