Once a cheater – Always a cheater

By Sandrea

I happened to read an article in the ‘Jamaica Observer’ yesterday, the writer was talking about  cheating.

A quotations from the article is as follows:

“THOUGH men often get a bad rap for being cheaters, a number of women are guilty of an even worse crime — getting involved with the man, knowing fully well he is already in a committed relationship.

While many are willing to play the role of the other woman, others are keen on making the full conquest and won’t stop, until they get the full commitment.  And some, singing the Lady Saw anthem, even go around declaring ‘I’ve got your man’, when they finally snag a fellow who belonged to someone else.  But if he cheated with you, will he cheat on you?”

The full article can be access from this link; Read more

This is a must read article.

In my opinion when you are the other woman there are some fringe benefit, you do not cook, wash or clean for him. You get the restaurant dates, flowers, and other fringe benefits.  That’s the upside.  However the downside, is that you wake up alone, you do not have Christmas, birthdays, family gathering that are associated with been in a relationship.  There is no ownership whatsoever.

My personsal belief is that if a person cheat once, then they will always find it easier the second time around.


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