Wife beating – What century am I living in?

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

Wake me because I must be dreaming, have I gone back into the 12 century  I must have, I do not seem to be able to recognise the 21st century because if this is the 21st century then something is fundamentally wrong with society.

I have an article here on this blog which states that the UAE Federal Supreme Court has ruled that a husband can discipline his wife by beating her and his children, and get this he can do so long as he does not leave a mark.  Well hooray to these archaic unintelligent men, because it would only be idiotic men who would come up with such ridiculous laws.

Physical abuse in any shape or form should not be tolerate in a progressive society and furthermore not in the 21st century where we are as human beings are suppose to outgrow our animal instinct and treat each other with respect.

I found it intolerable that any justice system would be supporting abuse from one individual to another, and even if they do so, I have not read anywhere that it states that the woman can also beat her husband in order to discipline him.

The UAE is has a serious problem with gender bias and I cannot believe that they think the rest of the world agrees with their ancient and draconian laws aimed at making the female within their communities a subservient being, this is disgraceful and should not be a  part of a modern society.

Are the men so afraid of what women may accomplish if they are given the same rights as the men within that society?  Why would so-called intelligent people behave in manner that does not befit their intellect?

Although there are provision made within the law as to how far a man can discipline is wife, I still find that insulting to female, there should never be that law in the first place and to say it is ok for a man to beat his wife, but hold on, you cannot leave any physical mark, is rather condescending and cheap.

Being born in the West maybe I cannot appreciate the fundamental of such laws however, I believe that as adults we should be able to have effective oral discussions on whatever problems that may arise in marriage, rather than being physical, and if the odds are stocked in the man favour then most men will exploit this to their advantage.

I am not suggesting that there are not men in UAE who although the law is there, they would never consider using it on their wives, but you can bet they are in the minority.

This decision is disgraceful and the UAE should be ashamed of themselves.

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