Why are Christians becoming a target?

It seems to me that since the beginning of 2011 there have been constant report of Christians being the target of either individuals are groups of people who have nothing better to do than to create havoc and carnage.

There have been reports of Christians being killed and maimed in Egypt, Iran and Iraq and it leaves me wondering whether people are ignorant or just plain stupid. We should, as human beings be proud of the various religions that exist on our planet, we should be bouncing ideas off each other rather that going out of the way to murder each other.

Irrespective of what individuals may allege every religion preaches love and unity and whether someone supports Islam, Christianity or Buddhism, whatever our religious beliefs are we should not be killing each other.  It would appear that the persecution of Christians as begin and the Christians bible foretold of these events and to be witnessing these occurrences makes one wonder what next is going to happen in the world of religion.

We have experience the fanatical aspect of the Islamic faith causing mayhem and havoc and doing so in the belief that their prophet would wish them to do so, we have individuals that have been jailed in Pakistan for blasphemy and it make me believe that the world has gone completely crazy.  One fails to wrap their head around the notion that intellectual individuals that should know better are using archaic and draconian laws to punish people in this century.

It is unbelievable to think that although we have supposedly emerge from our caveman mentality and suppose to be progressive human beings there is still a primeval aspect of the human personality that allows us to hate and disrespect each other so much so that we are willing to kill each other in the name of religion.  What good can religion be if it would allow the destruction of each other because we believe in a different deity?

At the beginning of 2011, I had hope that we could start this new year in peace, learn from each other respect each other beliefs, but alas I was wrong and I have come to the distinct conclusion that the human race will not be satisfy until it completely annihilate itself.  If we do not stop and realise the way in which we are progressing then the sad and unhappy fact is that one day we are going to destroy ourselves and just like how the dinosaurs is extinct that is the way in which the human race is heading.

We have so much to learn from each other, whether we are Chinese, Indians, Black, White, Communism, Democracy, Conservative, Labour, Liberal, Republicans are just other, whoever we are whatever we are, there are lessons that we can learn from one another instead of becoming human suicide bombers and blowing each other apart.

I am really sick and tired of the carnage that human being seems to have this propensity to hurt each other rather than to love one another.

It is time that we start addressing our difference with words rather that with violence because if we do not then the only thing that we will eventually achieve is the total and utter destruction of the human race.  We have been given an opportunity to live in unity irrespective of our differences and so far we have failed miserable and the next stage will be back to the ice age.

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